Tuesday, October 26, 2010

God Only Knows

The preliminary news is good. I do NOT have the C and S protein deficiency that causes my blood to clot abnormally. I have to stay on thinners for a while longer. After a period of time (three to six months) to be determined by my doctors, I will come off the thinners and get re-tested.

The hematologist wants to check for one more antibody level in my blood and then he feels there is a "good chance" that I will get off thinners. Which could (theoretically) lead to me being able to ride bikes again. It is still a little too soon to take a victory lap.

I am very relieved to find I (most likely) do not have the protein deficiency. That would be a burden for life.

Thanks to all for the calls, texts, emails, blog comments and Facebook posts. It's awesome to go into the ring, with a mob behind you for back up.

I will post more news as my Docs give it to me, change it, re access it, then abandon it altogether, and go with the thing they said before.

Love to you all!



nicol said...

Thanks for the update, HWB. Sounds like really positive news. You keep taking care of your HWB-self. :) I bet you'll be back on the bike in six months.

WheelDancer said...

Glad to hear you are nearing if not exactly in the clear. I step away from the blogosphere for a while and find out that shit's happening everywhere. Hoping for the best.

juancho said...

I like the sound of all that just fine. Sooner or later they are going to have to get their booger hooks off of you and admit you're a strong and exceptionally virile man who wants to go for a bike ride.

Magnum said...

Charging forward sounds like, good.

Now if you do need a little extra protein shot, come see me; we'll work it out on the down-low.

Anonymous said...

"I am reminded that Karma is not a reward or a punishment, it just simply.....is."

This is my new mantra T! Glad for the news!

You will ride into your old age!!!! and be one of those annoying old guys that passes younger riders on a climb - talking a million miles a minute!

Peace be with you!


Human Wrecking Ball said...

Thanks all. "Booger hooks" is very funny!

Kent said...

stay tuff my fellow bull dog friend