Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Wondering what surprises the new day brings
all around the season sings
but not for me

Try to see the good in each day
try to forget nothing is the same
I hear the wind in tree's

Leveled out and maintained
hand grenades inside my brain
broken picture that looks okay

don't be afraid

make a joke escape the talk
get off the couch and try to walk
waking dream outlined in chalk

don't be afraid

waiting around for the next attack
try to sleep in a burning rack
my blood is filled with broken glass

I forget and start to laugh
and the demons pulls me back
the leaves are falling the sun arch's past

don't be afraid


Human Wrecking Ball said...

I know it's kinda dark. I wrote this after the last attack, when I thought I was going to have strokes every couple of days.
I re read it and kinda liked it, so in the spirit of being naked on the web, I posted it.

juancho said...

Damn, now you're really writing.

BIGWORM said...

Hell yeah, son! Not sure how I missed this, but glad I found it. Good on ya!